Things to Keep in Mind when Buying a Condo in Bali

Bali is the capital of Indonesia. Many say is one of  be the most beautiful holiday capital of the world. With its mountains containing volcanoes, lush green paddy fields, coral reefs, and stunning beaches, it is not surprising that millions of tourists arrive in Bali every year. There has been tremendous growth of the housing market in Bali in recent years. If are enamored by the beauty of Bali and want to buy a condo for yourself, you must keep the following points in mind.

Location is most important

If you are attracted to a condo, it is because of its beautiful location. Location is everything in Bali. Do not compromise with the location only because you are getting a condo for less in a remote area..

Do not go too far away from water

The beaches and coral reefs of Bali are mesmerizingly beautiful. Make sure that the condo you are buying has ocean view from the balcony. You can get cheaper apartments if you are willing to go 5-6 km away from the ocean. But if you are thinking in terms of ROI, buying a property close to the sea is a good idea.

Find a reliable property agent

This is very important for you when buying a property in Bali. Try to get to an agent who has his own office and also well known in Bali real estate industry. He will make you sail through the process of buying a land or a villa with a clear title. Do not fall in the trap of fraudulent individuals who pose as property agents and dupe foreigners.

Free hold property is a big no for you

You are not eligible to buy freehold land in Bali if you happen to be a foreigner. You can get a villa or a piece of land or condo in apartment in Canggu on lease. Make sure you obey all the laws and regulation sin place for foreigners interested in buying a property in Bali and you should be O.K.

Many foreigners make the mistake of using a local to invest in property. You can be easily fooled and your property overtaken by the local citizen as there is no laws to protect the rights of foreigners in such cases. The better way to invest in to a  property in Bali is to acquire the ‘Right to Build’ with the help of a foreign owned company that is registered in Indonesia. You can build your home in this manner and own it for 50 years with right t use extended by another 30 years.


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What You Should Visit in The Area Of Seminyak

Bali has a variety of exciting sights and spot to visit. One of the most crowded places visited by the tourists is the touristic resort Seminyak . The location is very strategic because it is very easy to reach various tourist attractions in Bali. You can rental an amazing private luxury villa in Seminyak  or enjoy different tourist atmosphere and have the real Bali food street experience. If Kuta offers a relaxed and unpretentious beach atmosphere, the resort of Seminyak that presents a fairly modern impression. No wonder so many built star-rated Bali villas resort and luxury restaurants in the area.

Even for big events of national and international class are done in Seminyak. No wonder also all the area of Seminyak is also touted as an elite area in Bali. Even the whole coastline has been designated as a tourist area attraction because of its beauty. The beaches in the is the best choice for relax with family or in couple because it is relatively more less busy. Not only beach tourism, culinary tours and shopping purposes as well as souvenirs typical Bali are also widely available in the area of Seminyak. SPA, boutique, dine dining, and many bars scattered in the region. So for those of you who want to vacation in Seminyak or invest in Bali real estate, it is better to prepare a list of tourist attractions that you should visit in the area of Seminyak. Here is a the top reference places for vacation in Seminyak area.

1.       Biasa ArtSpace
One of the best places you can visit first time to Seminyak is Biasa ArtSpace. This place is an open gallery that brings together Balinese artists with art lovers both national and international.

2.       Trick Art 3D Gallery
If in the Biasa ArtSpace presents a beautiful 2-dimensional art, well in Trick Art 3D Gallery presents a stunning 3-dimensional artwork and must be visited. In the museum you will find a variety of 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional blend that makes you amazed to see it. A variety of 3-dimensional illusions will make you think many times how to make them.

3.       Peti Tenget Temple
In addition to tours in the room, in Seminyak also presents religious tours of high historical nuances. Peti Tenget Temple located in Kerobokan village has become one of the interesting destination as well as religious nuance.

4.       Seminyak Beach
This beach has a very soft sand texture. Along the beach there are also various types of restaurants, villas and hotels that can be your choice to stay and eat. In Seminyak Beach, you can watch the sunset with its elegance. Not even less beautiful with the sun set on the beach Kuta. There will be a lot of tourists who come to visit this beach, especially from afternoon until evening.

5.       Echo Beach
For a honeymoon in Bali, you should choose echo beach as your honeymoon. This beach is very calm, beautiful, peaceful which is perfect for you who are enjoying honeymoon together. The beach here is relatively quiet but presents a very charming natural beauty.

6.       Peti Tenget Beach
If the above there is Petitenget Temple, it turns out there is also a beach called Petitenget Beach. This beach offers incredible natural sun set scenery. With fine white sand, you can spend the day taking a leisurely stroll along the coast.

7.       Berawa Beach
Tourist attractions in Seminyak is dominant for beach tourism. One of them is Berawa Beach. The beach is quite close to the beach of Peti Tenget so it has relatively similar waves with the waves at Peti Tenget Beach. So for surfers, it's the best place to do any kind of surfing style they have.

8.       Canggu Beach
This beach is a favorite destination for national or international tourists. Of course because of the natural beauty that is served this beach. In addition, photographers both amateur and pro also chose this beach as their hunting spot.

That was 8 tourist attractions in the area of Seminyak which can be used as a reference for later you visit to Seminyak. Do not forget to always bring your best camera to capture the best moments of vacation with friends, spouses and or your best family.