Bali Real Estate

Lately the general bali real estate and Bali property market in has taken a serious turn for the better. Due to a significant and consistent growth of Bali property appreciation over the last 10 years, we see now more and more serious bali real estate companies, developers and investors looking at Bali as a more than interesting place to invest. More and more EU and USA based financial institutions, fund management companies, as well as individual real estate and property investors want to be part of the growth the Asian region sees, and Bali properties becomes a obvious first choice in the region with its un-spoiled beauty and diversified and unique culture. The legal aspect of foreign ownership of Bali real estate and property ownership is also becoming increasingly clearer and more secure than what it was in the early days. The Balinese local government as well as Indonesian central government also now full understands and supports the importance of a clear path on how to legally further enhance foreign Bali real estate and property investments to Bali, and is therefore giving priority to also create a clearer picture on existing Bali real estate and property zoning laws, in what areas that one can build and develop, as well as the opposite, where one can not. The Bali real estate and property business in Bali now also attracts more and more up-market, financially stronger individual investors, something that then also further enhance the growth of the service industry creating a very high quality of life, but at the same time very affordable way of life. All and all a yes yes and yes for Bali property real estate as the right, secure and most inviting places to do real estate and property investments into the foreseeable future.

Terje H. Nilsen

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