Bali Villa Real Estate and Resort

Have you ever heard of Bali? Unfortunately, the majority of people living in the United States have never heard of the little Indonesian island known as Bali, some peoples know Bali and the Bali luxury villas resort because they was watch the movie Eat, Pray and Love . The quiet, mesmerizing island very rarely gets media coverage, so it's only until recently that people have started learning about Bali and the paradise it offers for tourists. Over the past decade, more and more people have begun moving permanently to Bali after building their own homes or purchasing homes that are already built. For your average American citizen though, the idea of living in Bali is just a dream that will never become reality. It's quite far away and the idea of living in paradise just doesn't seem realisitic. In fact, the USA only accumulates for 4% of total tourists to the popular destination. The majority of tourists to Bali are Japanese and Australians.

Bali is one of the 33 Indonesian provinces and is situated between the islands of Java and Lombok. On the island, there are several mountains, but the most noticeable mountain is also it's tallest, Agung. It stands at roughly 9,500 feet and an active volcano is currently present. It's last eruption, in 1963, killed roughly 1950 people in total and destroyed hundreds of homes and buildings. There are also another active volcano, Mount Batur, which lies over 5,000 feet above sea level. Bali's capital is also the largest city in the province.

Over 90 percent of the island's 3.5 million people practice a local version of Hinduism. This sets the island apart from the rest of Indonesia which is overwhelmingly Muslim. The Balinese culture values artistic expression and this is reflected in shops all over the island overflowing with paintings, carvings, batiks, and jewelry. For those who want to get off the beaten path, there are strings of small stops along the eastern coast boasting miles of pristine black sand beaches, lone temples, interesting towns and villages. Visitors branching out inland are likely to net themselves experiences that would have otherwise been unlikely in the more popular parts of the island.

The number one industry currently in Bali is actually Tourism. Tourism in Bali has led to the province becoming potentially one of the most economically advanced provinces in the whole of Indonesia. With a paradise feel and hot weather, more and more visitors are taking the plunge to emerge in a lifestyle of sun, sea, alcohol and women on Bali. Bali's residents speak a local version of Hinduism as their main language - which often presents a difficult barrier between US tourists and the native locals.

As for purchasing property in Bali real estate, it can prove quite difficult. Unfortunately, foreigners to Bali cannot outright purchase land - but they can control land and they can use it in whatever manner they wish. In order for international citizens and buyers to acquire land, they must seek an Indonesian partner who will make the purchase for them, on their behalf a lot real estate in Bali offer this service. As Mr. Foss explains, he says "You have to have a silent partner under whose name you register the land you purchase."
The whole process is rather safe though. In order to purchase luxury Bali real estate, foreigners must draft up documents which set out the deal. The first document will include a statement that indicates that the Indonesian partner will be responsible for purchasing and owning the land. The second document states that the Indonesian buyer must hand over all rights to the foreign investor. The final document states that the Indonesian partner will owe the entire value of the property to the investor in the event of a sale or letting oppurtunity.

All of the documents are completely legal and are fully enforceable. They work as an exploit to the whole system, allowing foreign buyers to purchase real estate in Bali. Genz, a real estate property expert for Bali said, "Since the contractual process became standardized five years ago, I have not personally heard of problems." Also, according to Genz, there are no other loopholes that can be used to purchase real estate in Bali.

Purchasing real estate like villa or house in Bali can be a cost-effective way of living in paradise. The workers are cheap and they will usually out-perform your typical builder, because money is worth so much more in Indonesia. While building your own land and property in Bali can prove quite difficult, the rewards of doing so can mean that you live a lifestyle of paradise. In the othe hand Bali villas suites company offers properties in bali touristic  areas such as Seminyak,Legian and Kuta with tremendous value they provide what the guest wants and needs for short or long term rentals..