Follow my Dream on Sumba Real Estate

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Indonesia, I have been travelling there for over 10 years now, and every time I come home I say to myself “I ‘m going to move there one day”, and now I think I have the perfect reason to do this. Over the last couple of years on every Bali visit, I have always had an interest in property pricing with the view of hopefully buying one day.

Months and years have gone by , the prices have increased dramatically and was starting to put my plan out of my reach, until I had the most amazing WOW experience. While volunteering at an orphanage in Denpasar I came to find out about where the children came from, and was interested in seeing this island of Sumba, especially after the kids telling me how beautiful their island home was.

After researching some internet sites, information and seeing amazing photos I decided to book a trip and was totally blown away on my arrival. I then proceeded to look into land prices and was excited to see how affordable it was to secure real estate land on this amazing island paradise and thought now is the opportunity to follow my dream of building a “surf camp” and create future potential growth for my investment.

After visiting places in and around Bali, where over the last 10 years they have developed out of my price range , Sumba real estate seems to fit my future goals. My passion especially after spending time in the orphanage with the children of Sumba, has made me look at my life goals and to also support and help others along the way. I have a desire to create in Sumba an eco friendly environment that can support not only the people of Sumba to have a better quality of life, with work and the right tourism, but to also protect the beauty and culture that this island paradise offers.

With the magic of the white sandy beaches, world class surf and diving experiences, beautiful landscapes overlooking the natural sea life that abounds in and around the island of Sumba, why would I not have a dream to be apart of this special place. I was fortunate to meet up with my friend an Italian man who has lived in Sumba for over 5 years, he was welcoming, informative and very professional with his knowledge of acquiring property on Sumba. He has given me the confidence to move forward with this new direction in my life and I look forward to these changes and cannot wait to get started.

Ben Dyball Sydney, Australia