Bali Drone Experience

Bali, Indonesia. A magical place that most only dream of. It’s know for an abundance of qualities that allure almost every type of human that carries the desire to travel and vacation. It’s of course no surprise that it has been ranked by TripAdvisor as the #1 destination in the WORLD.
For the younger generation, Bali is a party destination with a view. The traveler can immerse and indulge in every kind of entertainment to suit whatever mood one holds to let loose. From the large club halls of Kuta and the Bali resort private villas in Seminyak, the poshy dance bars of Seminyak, rustic beach bars of Canggu, or my personal favorite being Uluwatu’s ocean cliffside Sunday sessions at Single Fin.

Single Fin Restaurant & Bar is most definitely a one of a kind venue. It hosts one of the largest balconies in the Indonesian Archipelago overlooking Bali’s most famous wave straight out to the Indian Ocean as far as the eyes can see.Single Fin is truly in its’ own category allowing patrons to relax with a refreshing beverage while watching world-class surf and unforgettable sunsets. Your indulgences aren’t limited to liquid and I suggest dining with them and enjoying some of the area’s best pizza or Mexican inspired tapas. If your dietary needs call for a more healthy and light desire, Single Fin’s partnering neighbors Nalu Bowls and Coco & Poke offer fruit bowls and seafood salad options to suit a belly for happiness.

My favorite pairing is an ice cold Moscow Mule on the balcony as the sun sets into the ocean sprawling colors into the sky that resemble cotton candy. If you take your focus from the horizon just a bit lower, you will find surfers from all over the world releasing their addictive endorphins on Uluwatu’s picture perfect left hand reef break waves. It’s not rare to lose sight of a surfer on a wave as they’ve pulled into the inside of the barrel and vicariously you can’t help but to produce goose bumps.

After the sunset, Single Fin really comes alive with a party that resembles something out of the movies. Live music of different variety engages everyone to do more than just enjoy a drink. You have your choice whether to jam out to the live band inside or head outside for some dancing. The main balcony will have a DJ controlling the grooving energy of the crowd in the most tropical of fashions. Leave your ego at home, meet and greet everyone you can, and embrace this ultra special opportunity to party in Bali the RIGHT WAY!

Look, don’t just take my word for it, have yourself a look at this drone depiction of an early start to Single Fin’s Sunday Sessions. Words and photographs can only show so much but now with the Bali Drone movement being pushed by Indo Eye, this quick video give you a more delicious taste of what Single Fin offers. Enjoy, embrace, and smile as we are glad to bring this information to you and hope to meet you one of these Sundays!